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Products after sale service commitment

Our company spirit of" high quality, excellent service, and development" spirit, "quality

products, reasonable price, caring service" concept and Responsible for the principle of

openness, solemnly promise to you:

A product dispensing, inspection certificate and the amount of use, to ensure that users

can correctly use our products.

In two, I guarantee that the company 's products are manufactured in accordance with the

relevant national standards of production and testing, substandard products not manufactured.

Ensure strict performance,Cash three bags of products, strict implementation of national

industrial products after sale service regulations, the factory products from the delivery

date within 13 months or installation of the product within 12 months, if the buyer is able

to prove the product is in line with the company recommended method for correct installation

and use; the product itself is able to confirm.Meter, material or manufacturing defect, and

submit a written application to the company, the company will be responsible for the defective

products to free recall of repair, replacement and other treatment modalities.

Three, the user of our products raised objections to the quality, guarantee the users

received the objection within 24 hours after making comments. If you need The site address,

assure to send professional and technical service personnel, and achieve the quality problem

is not solved service personnel do not leave. For every user feedback on the products

Quality problems and treatment results of our company will be archived.

The purpose of my company's services : the fastest, most effective, so that every customer

feel surprise.

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